Controversial, real-life truths of land and real estate and shocking warnings of the ongoing and upcoming attacks on your property and property rights! Sometimes serious, sometimes humorous—essential, eye-opening information your government, banker or attorney won’t tell you!

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Based on the experience and insider knowledge of a fourth-generation land and cattleman, realtor and #1 bestselling, multiple award winning author, Reid Lance Rosenthal’s career spans multiple states, three countries and two continents. Reid’s first non-fiction work is drawn from over five thousand transactions and laced with true anecdotes of the good, bad and ugly with no-holds-barred, real time, hard-hitting facts—and must know warnings—critical to your heart, your wallet and the future of your property rights.

  • Agenda 21—The global grab for all private property rights
  • Mammoth guaranteed real estate profits to banks—all from YOUR pocket and your real estate values
  • Why your banker says no—what’s really happening behind the vault doors
  • This ain’t your mama’s appraisal—the rules have changed
  • When it’s time for the seller to sign the dotted line—forget price—let’s talk net
  • Looking under the rocks—due diligence and the “PPPPP Rule” can save a wreck
  • The government is not here to help you—and it might be on purpose
  • Buying and selling smart—the silver lining in an age of upheaval
  • Conservation Easements—get paid to do the right thing—but be careful!