Land For Love and Money has been recognized with two National awards from USA Book News. Winner in Business: Investing and Winner in Business: Real Estate.

All land has energy. It will reach out and touch you; speak to you if you open yourself to its power. When developed with a home or otherwise improved, land has yet another dimension of personality.

There are also financial implications when you buy and sell land during the course of ownership. Monetary impact includes cash, gain, loss, and tax on many different levels. Land is half art, half science. It is both of love and for money. There are universal concepts of land energy and finance that hold true no matter the size, region, use or location.

What is this energy? The current that flows from a piece of the earth to the soul and senses is metaphysical. One part emotion, one part fiscal, two parts spiritual. For some, the sensations come more quickly, or strongly, but I am convinced that all people have the innate capability to feel the tug of land. The key here is to open yourself, and remove the shrouds of the city and society that block your genetic radar. Step out of the shell of societal fabric of modern life that surrounds us, and be touched, sense, observe the macro environment, the community, adjoining parcels, and of course the property itself. As corny as it sounds, close your eyes, breathe deep, exhale slowly, and feel it. Listen to the pleasant excited tickle in your gut, or lack of it. And be always aware of the money reality. In addition to the sensory and spiritual delight, there are practical financial mandates for purchase, ownership and disposition.

Yes, I am a cowboy and a rancher.  But, I am also a business man. Land for Love and Money is based on my forty-year, 5000+ transaction, one billion-dollar plus career and experiences with land of all variety, sizes and uses, in numerous states and three countries on two continents. The book teaches anecdotally. True stories of my personal experiences or situations I have personally encountered or observed form the instructional template. I pull no punches. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the inconceivable are all set forth in easy-to-read entertaining and informative novel like form. Some of these anecdotes will make you laugh.  Some will anger you; others will fill you with incredulity. Whatever the size, type or location of your land, this book will teach through tales of success and failure, great concepts brought to fruition and times when macro external or unanticipated events –or mistakes—cause the finest of ideas to flounder. They are meant to make you money, save you risk and increase your enjoyment of your land by example.

Green for Green is the comprehensive workbook which accompanies this absolutely one of a kind guide based on real experiences of the author’s noted 40-year billion dollar plus career in ranch, farm, ex-urban and rural land acquisition disposition, planning, improvement, conservation easement preservation, agriculture, livestock, tax and finance. True stories of transactions, purchases, sales, land operations, tax and dealings with the social/political idiosyncrasies of small towns and rural communities are often humorous and always highly instructional. The unique novel-type format, and lessons of real life personal tales are enhanced by common sense non-technical discussion augmented by the hard facts, contract and document excerpts, unique negotiating terms, charts, outlines and checklists in Green for Green and tie directly to sections of Land for Love and Money. These are the only volumes that cover all aspects of all types of land for owners and wanna-be landowners of any size parcel anywhere in North America. The book, and comprehensive form and formula filled workbook, are highly likely to make and save you significant money, lessen risk, assist in avoidance of catastrophic error and heighten your spiritual enjoyment of your land or land purchase.