About the Author
Reid Lance Rosenthal

Reid Lance Rosenthal purchased his first piece of land—a ranch property—at the age of eighteen. Three generations of a family steeped in land and cattle preceded him, and from these past generations he acquired a deep and abiding love of the land and its energy. This respect, and the reality of the skills necessary to properly select, plan, improve, enhance and preserve land, have grown and been honed by successes and failures over more than forty years in ranching, real estate, land use and management.

Reid is a rancher, a realtor and leading authority on ranch, farm, recreation, residential and large and small rural properties—from acquisition to disposition, management, operations, improvements and preservation. If you have business questions on finance, tax, conservation easement grants or transaction structuring, Reid’s your man. He and his firms have been involved as a principal, partner or consultant in more than five thousand land and real estate transactions with a market value of over $1.5 billion in multiple states, three countries and two continents. Hundreds of properties, totaling tens of thousands of surface acres, have been fully or significantly restored, enhanced and preserved by Reid or his firms through deed restrictions, conservation easements, planning devices and other land use controls. These are the first and only comprehensive books of their type anywhere in the United States or Canada.

The same primal, magnetic pull of the land that fuels Reid’s career in land management now powers a lifetime dream: to write. His works include the #1 bestselling Threads West, An American Saga thirty-three book series, a multi-generational tale of the adventure and romance of America, her people and her spirit. The series has been honored with thirteen national awards. The first novel begins in Europe in 1855. Like many of Reid’s land clients and ranch partners, the characters of these tales have neither country nor culture in common—each comes from a different social and economic background. And, as in the real life stories in Love for Land and Money, each is drawn to the land, the threads of their richly textured and conflicted lives intertwining with the energy of open spaces, becoming part of the tapestry of America.

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