[VIDEO] California Gov. Brown’s EMERGENCY Executive Order Calls for $500 Fine for Long Showers


Californians will soon be dreamin’ of the green lawns and long showers of yesteryear. Under a new executive order, Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) said Californians will face heavy fines for overuse of the drought-ridden state’s water; the first time in history the entire state will have to abide by strict water restrictions. Brown announced the executive action […]

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Ozone overreach


Ozone overreach Friend, EPA has become President Obama’s economic wrecking ball. Its proposed new ozone standards are a prime example. Alan Caruba cites a National Association of Manufacturers study at CFACT.org which concludes that, “a 60 ppb ozone standard would result in a GDP reduction of $270 billion per year, a loss of up to […]

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UN Climate Chief: We Are Remaking The World Economy


The United Nation’s climate chief says that reordering the global economy to fight climate change is the “most difficult” task the international body has ever undertaken. “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history,” Christiana […]

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Obama’s Massive Land Grab Has Alaska Furious: ‘We Will Fight Back’


President Obama announced Sunday that his administration plans to lock up the oil-rich 1.5 million acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge coastal plain and offshore areas in Alaska from oil and gas exploration. Obama is asking Congress to designate 12 million acres of ANWR as a “wilderness” to keep it off-limits to development, despite widespread Native Alaskan support […]

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Obama’s EPA Rules 43x Longer Than Bible


The Obama administration has flooded the nation once again with hundreds of thousands of pages of new regulations as the year comes to a close. But just how many pages is shocking when you think about it. Just take Obama’s new rules for the Environmental Protection Agency for instance. Just his changes to regulations that […]

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Don’t Miss These Last-Minute Tax Breaks For Buyers And Sellers


Let’s face it — the last thing you want to worry about after that second glass of eggnog is what you might have to look forward to come tax day … in April. But I promise you, it’s worth paying attention now so that you can save later. After more than a year of debate, […]

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Emails Reveal EPA Imposing ‘Progressive National Policy


Newly revealed emails show Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials discussing their excitement about being “at the forefront of progressive national policy on one of the critical issues of our time.” Email exchanges between EPA chief Lisa Jackson and former EPA policy office head Lisa Heinzerling show the process behind the agency’s controversial decision to begin regulating “greenhouse gases,” […]

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We promised you an update on the release dates of the upcoming books of the Threads West Series. This is it!


The book industry is complicated. There are hundreds of steps involved in producing a book, then getting it to the shelves and into the hands of readers. The experience is an eye-opener. Ironically, the journey of a story from a writer’s mind to his or her pen, the paper, and finally print and e-books that […]

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