Green for Green – Workbook Description

Each of the volumes of Land for Love and Money, including Volume One, will have an accompanying Green for Green workbook in a CD-DVD format. Typically, the workbook will be published 2 to 4 weeks after release of the main volume with which it is associated.

I’ve worked hard to keep this book engaging and enjoyable. I believe lessons are better learned through stories than textbooks. No one’s going to glean significant useful information from a book they simply can’t get through. These volumes are meant to provide an overall instructional platform. The workbooks have the nitty-gritty details: forms, charts, and checklists for due diligence, closing, selling, and buying, actual excerpts from conservation easements regarding reserved rights and other matters, excerpts from real working documents on deals that are advantageous to the buyer, the seller, or both regarding seller financing, purchase, sale, and protections for the various players involved. Most were developed by me and forged in the fire of thousands of real deals in my career—all originated in the crucible of trial and error in the course of more than $1 billion in property business. As an example, the Volume One workbook will contain, just as a sampling:

  • Acquisition and Due Diligence Checklists
  • Sample contract outline for bare land and improved properties*
  • Recommended sales contract provisions*
  • Sample real estate commission form
  • Sample studies excerpts on hydrology, soils, mineral, water rights, environmental issues
  • Sample maps: resources, enhancements, etc.
  • Charts on rural and county governments, departments, and roles of each
  • Sample conservation easement and amendment language*
  • Sample management agreements (for recreation property, agricultural property, contractors)*

*Though written by attorneys in specific locations for specific transactions, all sample contracts or contract language are provided only to afford you a feel and overview of the business concepts-they should not be used until your attorney has reviewed, approved, and or modified the language as your legal representative familiar with local and state laws in your area, and the specifics of your transaction.

The volumes and the workbooks will also become a series of instructional CDs after both have been published.  Updated material, based on current economics, environmental issues, and tax policies will be available on the Land for Love and Money website according to its terms, ensuring that Land for Love and Money stays relevant in real time, and “evergreen” in this quickly changing political and mercurial financial landscape.