Land for Love and Money – Volume One

Land For Love and Money has been recognized with two National awards from USA Book News, Winner in Business: Investing and Winner in Business: Real Estate.

There are few who have not stood in awe of the cascade of fall colors on the flanks of mountain ranges, been immersed in the tranquil beauty of lakes, transfixed by the pull of a seething sea, or swayed by the gently rolling hills of the Midwest. Some have already responded to the undeniable tug to the heart and now own their own piece of heaven. Others promise themselves that someday they will transform this palpable yearning and will plant the roots of family and soul in the soil of some special piece of earth.

Yet mixed with the spiritual energy of the land calling to us, are nitty-gritty financial aspects. Land for Love & Money is sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, and in many ways controversial—real life stories packed with essential truths you won’t hear from your banker or realtor.  Each tale reveals secrets for weathering the storm of land ownership and acquisition during unstable economic times.  How do today’s floundering financial system, real estate downturn, and uncertain tax climate affect land acquisition and disposition?  Anecdotal teachings born of hands-on experience in the art and science of every facet of land purchase, stewardship, and finance, answer your questions.  The good, the bad, and the ugly— three Land for Love & Money volumes and accompanying workbooks study previously taboo or ignored subjects, all critical to your enjoyment of, and profit from, your land. Written for longtime, new, or aspiring owners of acreages of any type size or use, anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Reid’s generational land and cattle heritage, long-standing devotion to wild and remote places, intense love of the land and extensive $1.5 billion personal experience with land of all types and sizes (in multiple states, Canada and South America), uniquely qualify him to pen the true, instructional stories of lessons learned, great successes and abject failures found in each volume.  These are the first and only comprehensive books of their type—one of a kind composites of four decades of unduplicated success and failure experience, written from the ground up. Millions will find the wealth of insightful information in Land for Love and Money not only invaluable, but inspiring.