Land for Love and Money –
Volumes Two and Three

The Land is Yours: Now What?

In Volume One of Land for Love and Money, we talked about writing down what you want in your relationship with the land—what you need, what factors are absolute (your “must have” property attributes), what financial and locational parameters are key to success, and finally, but no less important, connecting with the energy of the land. Whether you purchase a residential home on a 1/3-acre lot, or a 5,000-acre spread, key questions and issues will arise once you’ve signed the dotted line. 

Volumes Two and Three will demonstrate no holds barred truths in the same entertaining, anecdotal, hard-hitting and humorous style as Volume One of Land for Love and Money. Volume Two and its following Green for Green workbook, will examine additional tips on buyer and seller matters covered in Volume One, the ownership and improvement phase of the land cycle, along with marketing and value adding secrets and yet more news on the sordid state of affairs in government regulation, banking and finance. Volume Two, given the current economic environment, will delve into offensive and defensive strategies that work in a crunch—practical advice to guide new and existing owners through a myriad of common, unexpected and sometimes unpleasant situations. Foresight, knowing what to look out for ahead of time, is key to success. PPPPP!  

  • Of money, management and moxie.
  • How am I going to run this place? How can I generate income? Do I need a manager?
  • If it ain’t broke, why fix it?  The “when and how” of making changes and the intricacies of stewardship.
  • If it has testicles or tires, it’s gonna cause trouble!
  • What if I want to fish in my neighbor’s pond?  The symbiosis of Cross Use Associations©–a unique recreational sharing concept and agreement developed by Reid.
  • This damn dog is wagging my tail!  Or, what to do when the land starts running you.
  • Why can’t I just wait until tomorrow?  Procrastination is not your friend.
  • Build it and they will come. Creating sanctuary for water fowl, wildlife, and livestock.
  • You mean there’s a federal grant for that? Improving the land for everyone.
  • I’ve lived here 5 years, and they still call it the Smith place. Rural, small town conflicts.
  • Water wars – “Whiskey is for drinking—water is for fighting.” What are my rights? 
  • What do you mean, they own the mineral rights?  Legal trespass and what to do about it.
  • Natural disasters – have a plan.  Your life and credit depend on it.
  • The “land grab” of Eminent Domain—Oh, no you won’t, Bubba!
  • Defense against the Dark Arts-when a landowner must circle the wagons.