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Each tale—the good, bad and ugly—affords the reader a rare learning experience on land acquisition and disposition, valuable instruction about today’s floundering financial system, real estate downturn, increasing regulation, uncertain tax climate and ominous government grab for your property and property rights. Social, political and urgent economic considerations critical to land and real estate purchase, enjoyment, ownership and value—any type, size, use or location—are revealed. Each chapter covers invaluable secrets of land purchase and sale in unstable economic times.

Jackson Hole, WY 007Searching for a safeguard against inflation? A haven? A lifestyle change? Security in the event of unrest? Going back to the rural roots of your youth? Tax advantage? Spiritual connection to the earth? Legacy for your family? Faced with a dilemma that forces you to sell? Concerned over what “they” are planning for your real estate and private property rights? Land for Love and Money will instruct and entertain, opening your heart to the power of the land, and your eyes to the danger of the powers that be. Armed with knowledge and equipped to act, you will grimace, grin, and be forewarned.



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