The Bundy Saga Continues

The Latest Chapter In The Bundy Saga Proves How Corrupt And Lawless Our Government Has Become!

George Rasley, CHQ Editor | 12/27/17

You would never know it from the virtual blackout imposed by the establishment news media, but a federal judge presiding over the trial of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, his sons Ryan and Ammon Bundy and their associate Ryan Payne has exposed just how lawless and corrupt our government has become – and how if you get on the wrong side of the faceless bureaucrats of the Deep State they will do whatever it takes to destroy your family and put you in prison.

Bundy mistrial

In the latest in a string of failed prosecutions in Nevada and Oregon against those who have opposed federal control of vast swaths of land in the American West, Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro in Las Vegas declared a mistrial in the Nevada case against the Bundys and Payne.

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